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All one colour powder coated wheels come with a 12-month warranty against any paint peel/ flaking subject to but not limited to, new wheel damage occurring as a result of driver damage, tyre changing, stone chips, or the use of corrosive wheel cleaners which will dull & damage lacquer over time and invalidate your warranty resulting in a charge for the repair.


We offer a 3-month warranty on recutting or fully refurbished Diamond Cut wheels. The finish is not as hard-wearing as fully painted
or powder-coated alloys are new from the factory, as you are lacquering a recut (used/second hand) bare-faced alloy.
Unfortunately, the nature of Stone chips, tyre refitting, or re-curbing alloy wheels is one of the most common defects on diamond-cut wheels which will cause water ingress to lift the lacquer re-damaged your diamond cut alloys, this normally happens when jet washing over the damaged area and lacquer lift can occur over a very short time resulting in the wheel needing a repair again.


Warranty information

we offer a 3-month warranty on smart repaired wheels as this form of refurbishment
involves painting a repair patch over the existing finish and we are unable to guarantee the strength or condition of your existing paintwork on your alloy wheels,
The use of wheel acids and cheap car washes will have an effect on how long your smart repair will last as these are harsh chemicals that can affect the life span of your repair.
We do not cover new wheel damage occurring as a result of driver errors, tyre changing, stone chips, or the use of corrosive wheel cleaners which will dull & damage lacquer over time.


These are subject to the same general terms as listed above i.e. painted and diamond cut
We do not offer a warranty against the wheel bolts coming loose as they will be torqued to spec when returned or collected and it is your job thereafter to maintain and safety check your items;
However warranty is offered on brand new bolts themselves as new bolts will come with the standard manufacturer's warranty this warranty is with the manufacturer, not us.


Due to the state of our roads, we do not offer a warranty on alloy wheels that have under-
gone crack repairs or have had to be straightened.

This service is offered to possibly bridge the gap between you getting a new/ replacement wheel.

Please note that even though we offer the service we accept no liability and do not recommend you use the alloy once it is damaged/ repaired, so you do so at your own risk,

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